About Common Rail Xingma Injector Nozzle

About Common Rail Xingma Injector Nozzle

What do we have on xingmanozzle.com 

Xingmanozzle.com is a website specialized in providing common rail injector Xingma nozzles. There are about 800 part numbers of Xingma nozzles on xingmanozzle.com for customers to choose. The following form is the presentation of main categories of Xingma nozzles and explanation of the categories.

CR Series Xingma Injector Nozzle  


For Delphi Diesel Injector

Common Rail Xingma Injector Nozzle
E1 Xingma EUI Injector Nozzle
E3 Xingma EUI Injector Nozzle
M00 Series Xingma Injector Nozzle For Siemens Diesel Injector
0445110 Xingma Injector Nozzle  


For Bosch Diesel Injector

0445111 Xingma Injector Nozzle
0445120 Xingma Injector Nozzle
0414 Common Rail Injector Nozzle
Piezo Xingma Injector Nozzle
G2 Xingma Injector Nozzle  

For Denso Diesel Injector

G3 Xingma Injector Nozzle
G4 Xingma Injector Nozzle


Xingmanozzle.com Services

Why customers choose to purchase injector nozzles from xingmanozzle.com? It is very understandable that you think of this question, and it is a very common question when we buy something, especially purchase online. That’s why choose a reliable platform or supplier is very important.


When you purchase injector nozzles from xingmanozzle.com, we can provide professional services and guarantee that your goods are well taken care of during the purchasing procedure.


Customs Declaration Service

After purchasing our products, our customer service staff will follow up the order situation and notice customers not to miss any contact calls and emails during the transportation of the goods. Besides, Xingnozzle.com can provide orders’ contract, invoice, packing list, bill of lading, insurance policy, certificate of origin, etc to help with goods’ customs clearance.


After-Sales Support

As a mature diesel injector nozzles’ supplier, customers’ concern is always xingmanozzle.com’s priority. That means we do not just sell products, but also concern of what customers need after they purchase our product. therefore, xingmanozzle.com provides one on one customer service and make sure to help our customers’ technical problems and other problems on diesel parts.


Warranty Service

After customer receives our injector nozzles within 15 days , if there is a performance failure and the product has no appearance damage, customer can choose to send them back and replace or repair them;


If the injector nozzles have performance problems during the warranty period (6-12 months), and it is confirmed that it is product’s problems after testing, you can contact our salesmen to replace the same model or a reworked product with the same performance for free;


If the injector house has obvious scratches, it can only be repaired and it will be returned as it is if the product is confirmed to be fault-free.


First, the injector nozzles’ quality that you purchase from xingmanozzle.com are guaranteed. Within 15 days after customers receive injector nozzles, customer can choose to replace it or repair it if there is a performance failure with conditions of no appearance damage on the valve set surface.

And each injector nozzle has 6-12 months warranty for replacing with quality problems or repairing if there is any working failure.