Quality Inspection


The whole quality inspection process of injector nozzle includes 15 steps, which includes the selection of raw material, during the production and finished product. 


1. Inspect raw materials and make backup of raw materials test report;

2. Cutting raw materials with blanking machine;

3. Inspect raw material’s cutting diameter and length;

4. Forging and forming processing on the raw materials;

5. Inspectors conduct the all kinds of inspections of forming blank;

6. Remove the blank scrap ;

7. Blast the surface of the blank;

8. Conduct surface treatment inspection after sandblasting;

9. Perform blank machining;

10. Process injector nozzle’s body seal threading;

11. Process nozzle body connection threading;

12. Process nozzle’s hole;

13. Inspector conducts general inspection;

14. Install the injector nozzle;

15. The packing workshop finish product packaging.


Before sending out of the factory, the finished nozzles still need to undergone through three inspections—full inspection, random inspection, and batch inspection, different brands of test benches are used to test the same injector nozzle for a total of no less than three times.


Apart from above, injector nozzle is one of the most important running parts, it is also one of parts with the highest damage rate, even tiny particles can cause failure of nozzle and even entire components. So it is important to make sure the whole produce process and installation and its working place are dust-free.