Quality Control


Production & Installation

The injector nozzles are produced in dust-free workshop. The production steps include pre-heat treatment, post-heat treatment and CNC surface treatment. During each produce process, we strictly check every part’s quality and exclude bad quality parts so as to make sure our products meet usage standard.



When install injector nozzle, please follow below precautions:



● Clean the injector injector nozzle in an ultrasonic cleaner for 3-5 minutes before installation, so as to make the stains, dust, rust-proof oil oxides, paraffin base, naphthenic base, intermediate base,salt, lead naphthenate, zinc naphthenate, sodium petroleum sulfonate, barium petroleum sulfonate, calcium petroleum sulfonate, tallow diamine trioleate, rosinamine on the surface of the injector nozzle fall off.

● Use compressed air to clean the cleaning fluid attached to the surface of the injector nozzle after cleaning, and clean it up to the standard of use. See as below:


● When installing the injector nozzle, make sure that each part of injector nozzle can be moved smoothly in it. See as below:


● If the injector nozzle is not installed in accordance with the standard, it may cause serious damage to the injector nozzle and injector.




xingingmanozzle.com has a mature business trading system and provides services such as replace, repair, refund etc,. to our customers, and xingingmanozzle.com also provides 6-12 months of warranty of each part sent to our customers. When you product’s quality problem, we will help you to solve it until you  are satisfied.