DLLA142P1709 Celebrate President Xi Meeting President Biden

DLLA142P1709 Celebrate President Xi Meeting President Biden

On November 15, President Xi Jinping held a China-U.S. Presidential Meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden at Philori Estate in San Francisco, the United States.


The two leaders made progress on a number of key issues. They welcomed the resumption of bilateral cooperation to combat global illicit drug manufacturing and trafficking, including synthetic drugs like fentanyl, and establishment of a working group for ongoing communication and law enforcement coordination on counternarcotics issues. President Biden stressed that this new step will advance the U.S. whole-of-government effort to counter the evolving threat of illicit synthetic drugs and to reduce the diversion of precursor chemicals and pill presses to drug cartels.


This meeting was positive, comprehensive and constructive, and pointed out the direction for improving and developing Sino-US relations. In the spirit of fostering stronger cooperation and friendship between China and the United States, xingmanozzle.com is holding out to a special promotion during the Summit.


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