What Is The Relationship Between G3S6 and APEC 2022 Meeting

What Is The Relationship Between G3S6 and APEC 2022 Meeting

Abstract: What Is The Relationship Between G3S6 and APEC 2022 Meeting

On November 17th, the day before the opening of the 29th APEC Informal Leaders’ Meeting in Bangkok, China’s President Xi Jinping arrived in Thailand and had some friendly visits to Thai leaders and had a speech at the APEC Business Leaders Summit. In the speech “Adhere to the Original Intention, Promote Development Together, and Open A New Chapter in Asia-Pacific Cooperation”, President Xi indicated that the original intention of APEC is to benefit the people of the Asia-Pacific region. After the meeting, President Xi also arranged meetings with the Philippines, Singapore, and Japan’s leaders.


APEC is the highest-level, most extensive, and most influential economic cooperation mechanism in the Asia-Pacific region. The Leaders’ Informal Meeting is the highest-level meeting of APEC. Since 1993, 21 member countries’ leaders have an informal meeting every year before the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic. And this year’s meeting is the first time since the outbreak of the epidemic that the APEC meeting returns to offline.


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G3S6 Xingma Nozzle Information

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Type G3 Common Rail Injector Nozzle
Part Number G3S6/293400-0060




For diesel injectors:











For Car Model TOYOTA
G3S6 Xingma Nozzle Size 7 cm *2 cm *2 cm
G3S6 Xingma Nozzle Net Weight 0.03 kg


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