Xingma Nozzle Congratulates The 3 Winners of Qatar FIFA World Cup

Xingma Nozzle Congratulates The 3 Winners of Qatar FIFA World Cup


After the intensive competition for nearly a month,the winners of Qatar FIFA World Cup finally appeared,they were:1st Argentina,2nd France,3rd Croatia.


Qatar local time at 18:00 on December 18th ,though it was midnight for we Chinese football fans,we were still extremely excited by the quadrennial grand event’s final match,the feeling of tire and cold was swept away by the heat from the football field in the screen. Argentina held the advantage in the whole first-half match,they kept attacking. Thanks to the impressive performance of Di María and Messi,Argentina got 2 goals very quickly,meanwhile France kept being dominated. When every audience in front of the screen were praying for France,France finally took their first step,they got a penalty kick,Mbappé shot the ball into the goal easily,and he got another goal very soon in 2 minutes,which really made us cheer for him. The result keeps being a suspense,the two giant Messi and Mbappé’s got their goal one after another,the score came to 3:3,everyone held their breath,there was no winner currently,nobody could predicate the final score. The match came to penalty shootout soon,with the excellent defence of Martínez,2 of France’s 4 shoot failed. Finally,Argentina defeated France by the score of 7:5. 35-year-old superstar Messi had his dream realize eventually,no one dare to doubt his status for king of football now. Mbappé also won football fans’ heart from all over the world,he will definitely become the next superstar in the future!


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Type G2 Common Rail Injector Nozzle
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DLLA150P1695 Nozzle Size 7 cm *2 cm *2 cm
DLLA150P1695 Nozzle Net Weight 0.03 kg

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Part Number

Car Number OE Number    
095000-5600 HINO 1465A041

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