Honoring Dragon Boat Festival with DLLA147P2445 Injector Nozzle: Traditions, History, and Special Offer

Honoring Dragon Boat Festival with DLLA147P2445 Injector Nozzle: Traditions, History, and Special Offer

Honoring Dragon Boat Festival with DLLA147P2445 Injector Nozzle Promotion

Honoring Dragon Boat Festival with DLLA147P2445 Injector Nozzle Promotion: The Dragon Boat Festival, celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, boasts a 2000-year history. Originally a summer festival to ward off plagues, it later evolved to honor the great patriotic poet Qu Yuan. Qu Yuan was known for his loyalty and patriotism. When he realized the decline of the Chu state was inevitable, he was overwhelmed with grief and sacrificed himself by drowning in a river for his beloved homeland.


An essential part of the Dragon Boat Festival is the zongzi, pyramid-shaped dumplings made of glutinous rice, stuffed with various fillings such as jujube, bean paste, meat, ham, and egg yolk, and wrapped in bamboo leaves.


Dragon boat racing is one of the festival’s most popular traditions, showcasing the Chinese spirit of unity, teamwork, and perseverance. Another tradition is drinking yellow wine, believed to protect against illness. Families also hang calamus and wormwood to ward off evil spirits.


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DLLA147P2445 Injector Nozzle Application Information

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Type 0445120 Series Injector Nozzle
Part Number DLLA147P2445
Quality China Made New
Warranty 6-12 months
Application CRIN2-16-BL Injector 0 445 120 380
DLLA147P2445 injector nozzle Size 7 cm *2 cm *2 cm

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 How To Buy DLLA147P2445 Injector Nozzle

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