Type Common Rail XINGMA Injector Nozzle
Part Number DSLA143P5501
OE No.  
Application CRIN1-14/16 Injector

0 445 120 212

Quality China made brand new
SKU G1X9LA143P5501



Size 7 cm *2 cm *2 cm


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1. DSLA143PP5501 Injector Nozzle’s Basic Information

TitleCommon Rail DSLA143P5501 Injector Nozzle China Made NewBrand

2.  DSLA143PP5501 Injector Nozzle’s Common Written Part Number

Injector Nozzle Order NumberInjector Nozzle Engraved Number

3.  DSLA143PP5501 Injector Nozzle’s Application Information for Injectors

  • DSLA143PP5501 InjectorNozzle’s Application for Injectors Part Number


Part Number

Injector SeriesSystem PressureRe-manufactured Part NumberSystem Pressure
0 445 120 212CRIN1-14/1616000 986 435 5081400

2 DSLA143P5501 Xingma Injector Nozzle’s Car Model Matching Information


Part Number

Car NumberOE NumberOE NumberOE Number 
0 445 120 212CASE2830 957   
CUMMINS5 255 184   
FORDBG9X 9K526 BA   
VW (VOLKSWAGEN)2R0 198 133   

4. DSLA143PP5501 Injector Nozzles Specifications and Dimensions Parameters

Injector Nozzle Size 6 cm*1.5cm *1.5 cm 

Injector Nozzle Barrel Dimensions7 cm *2 cm *2 cm

Single Injector Nozzle Weight0.03kg

Injector Nozzle 10 PCS Per Box10 cm *8 cm *4cm

Injector Nozzle Weight 10 PCS Per Box 0.3kg

Injector Nozzle Quality:China Made New Injector Nozzle

Injector Nozzle MOQ10 PCS

5. DSLA143PP5501 Injector Nozzle Quality Control

(1)Injector Nozzle Testing

All parts of the injector nozzle are subjected to precision testing, high temperature testing, low temperature testing, withstand pressure testing, leakage testing, durability testing, and various working conditions testing.

2)Injector Nozzle Inspection

The factory inspection of the injector nozzle is undergone full inspection, random inspection, and batch inspection three inspections. Different brands of test benches are used to test the same injector nozzle for a total of no less than three times for factory inspection, and the fuel injector installation testing environment are progressed in dust-free workshop.

3)Injector Nozzle Installation

When matching the valve cap and valve steam, Shumatt strictly complies with the standard of valve cap and valve stem clearance technical indicators to ensure that each valve assembly meets the factory standards and use standards.

6. DSLA143PP5501 Injector Nozzle’s Customized Service

(1)Injector Nozzle’s Customized Service:Meet the customized needs of OEM manufacturers for shell lettering (logo, nozzle part number, date and series number), nozzle without lettering, nozzle tube, nozzle box customized etc.

(2)Injector Nozzles Customized Service Quantity Requirements

The purchased of Customized injector nozzle’s shell lettering or without lettering are no less than 100 pieces.

The purchased of Customized injector nozzle tubes are no less than 2000-3000 pieces.

The purchased of customized injector nozzle boxes are no less than 1000 pieces.

Customized products involve the need of specify logo, the OEM manufacturer needs to provide trademark authorization and the sample of logo image file.

Once the customized injector nozzle is sold, it can’t be returned or exchanged if there is no quality problems.

7. DSLA143PP5501 Injector Nozzle’s Shipping Packing

Domestic express packagingUsually wrapped in waterproof scotch tape, such as picture No.2.

International express packagingWrapped with waterproof yellow tape After wrapping the black protective film, such as picture No. 3.

Pallet ShippingUse fumigation free and recycling trays that meet export requirements, and use white wrapping protective film to wrap and bind with cable ties for the outside, such as picture No. 4,

Also, the products can be packaged according to customers’ requirements.

  • The packing tray is made of plastic and can be recycled.
  • Transparent tape, yellow tape, black wrapping protective film, white wrapping protective film are non-degradable materials, please dispose of them properly.

Minors are prohibited from using transparent tape, yellow tape, black wrapping protective film, and white wrapping protective film to avoid personal injury



Pic No.1

International express packaging

Wrapped with yellow tape after wrapping black protective film





Pic No.2

Pallet Shipping:Use pallet that meet export requirements, and use white wrapping protective film to wrap and bind with cable ties





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